What’s the true cost of a bad hire?

Discover the true cost to your business of a bad hiring decision with our free bad hire calculator.

Enhanced Talent Acquisition Framework

By partnering with ProActive HQ Talent Solutions to hire your IT security experts.

We are confident we will help you achieve the following objectives in the process:

  1. SAVE TIME: in the hiring process and focus on growing your business.
  2. IMPROVE EMPLOYEE RETENTION: 96% for new hires.
  3. CUT COSTS: slash your hiring costs by more 60%.

Candidate Background

  • Credentials
  • Employment history
  • Certifications

Key Competency Assessments

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Experience

Enhanced Talent Acquisition Framework

The conventional hiring process, characterized by sifting through countless CVs/resumes and conducting repetitive, mundane interviews, proved ineffective for all parties involved.

As a result, we have pioneered an enhanced approach that encompasses innovation and efficiency combining professional profiles, competency and behavioral assessments prior to the interview process.

By utilizing ProActive HQ, you can discover how our solution can diminish costs and minimize the risk associated with making a poor hiring decision.

Behavioural Profiling

  • Attitudes and beliefs
  • Temperament and judgement
  • Aptitude and behavioural capabilities

Assurance Resources

  • Pre-screen video introductions
  • Reference checks
  • 12-months replacement guarantee

What Our Customers Are Saying

cybersecurity-energy services
always demonstrated a high level of professionalism, enthusiasm and diligence. recommendations were always relevant, comprehensive and clear.
Risk Management Director, Leading Energy Company
took time to understand our requirements and keen to provide sound and rational alternatives.
Strategy and Business Development Director, Leading Telecoms Operator
cybersecurity-telecoms services
“very responsive to our organization’s requirements, gave thoughtful guidance, and most importantly, followed up and followed through on requests”
Strategy and Planning Director, Public Entity

ProActive HQ Talent Solutions is a talent acquisition consultancy in the cybersecurity practice.

Established in 2017 to support all organizations to meet the challenge of cybersecurity and partner with cybersecurity vendors in their growth objectives.
about-us-cybersecurity recruitment solutions

Our business vision and objectives

VISION: The preferred cybersecurity hiring partner

MISSION:  Engage our clients and deliver real value

PURPOSE:   Addressing talent acquisition challenges

VALUES:  Partnership, Collaboration, Creativity and Integrity

Cybersecurity Solutions:

We cover all roles across the following domains:

  • Security architecture and engineering (e.g. Security Architects)
  • Communication and network security (e.g. Security Engineers)
  • Security operations (e.g. Information Security Risk Analysts)
  • New Business Sales (e.g. Sales Managers, Sales Executives)

The ProActive HQ Talent Solutions Team brings over 20 years of industry experience

Our experienced team work in a collaborative way to deliver excellent results to your organization so that you can achieve your objectives. We share a passion for the latest technologies and how they can be harnessed to deliver further growth and safeguard against cyber attacks. We have delivered customized solutions to our clients over the years including organisations of different sizes:

  • Over 20 years in consulting, business development, research and analysis
  • 10 years in ICT and Cybersecurity
  • Well refined expertise in the delivery of customized solutions
  • Wide industry network & clients across multiple sectors


ProActive HQ Talent Solutions-Industry updates

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