Minimize Commercial Downtime

How much time and resources are wasted with unsuccessful, long, complicated, subjective selection processes?

Commercial downtime for any business means potential loss of revenue. This is when the hiring process is undertaken effectively.

Imagine the following scenarios:

  • Have you ever invited a candidate to an interview based on their CV then was disappointed afterwards?
  • How many times have you had ‘no-shows’ at interviews?
  • How many times have you interviewed ‘unsuitable’ candidates?
  • Have you ever employed a person who then left within the first 12 months?
  • Have you ever interviewed a number of candidates only to return to the beginning of the process?
  • Have you ever employed someone based on the strength of their CV then disappointed with their ‘in role’ ability and/or motivation?’

These challenges have driven senior executives to adopt a streamlined process that delivers multiple layers of scientific and objective assessments including:

  • Candidate video introductions (prior to interviews-assess personality and character)
  • Key competency questions and answers (prior to interviews-assess competency)
  • Behavioural assessments (prior to interviews-assess personality traits and cultural fit)
  • Talent HQ (adopt cutting edge technology that streamlines the whole hiring process)

All these means candidate shortlists are available to you online, anywhere and anytime. Real-time access to numerous candidate videos, CVs/resumes, behavioral profiles, and other relevant documents.

An integrated platform that serves as a central hub for seamless interaction and collaboration between all hiring parties.


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