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Partnering with ProActive HQ in Talent Acquisition

We established ProActive HQ to help cybersecurity organizations address the challenges in recruiting cybersecurity professionals, whether a lack of industry knowledge, lack of internal resources, or simply because it is a difficult market. Our objective is to be available to you, delivering on a timely basis, qualified candidates tailored to your needs and to work with our clients in a collaborative way. We will engage with you and provide guidance as a trusted partner in finding the cybersecurity talent you need.

Cybersecurity is indeed a fast growing and unique segment of the Information technology sector. Currently, there is significant pressure on many cybersecurity organizations due to the extreme deficit of qualified cybersecurity talent in the market. With increasing demands for security from consumers all the way to C-level executives, those demands cannot be satisfied without the proper talent.

Finding the right professionals for the right positions

We have a proud record in our ability to source highly qualified and diverse candidates with total dedication to our clients. We follow a very structured and extensive process together with our resources in working with our clients to help them save business time and costs to delivering the right professionals. We are so confident in our capabilities that we are prepared to provide the added security of a long-term replacement guarantee provided added peace of mind to our clients. 

Cybersecurity is a very diverse segment specialization in specific fields and every organization. This includes services, products, coding, hacking, hardware and management. All of these would require a varying levels of expertise. The search to find these individuals can be a huge challenge but it is where we thrive as a search business. ‘

Why choose us

The ProActive HQ Team brings together over 20 years of industry experience ensuring our clients achieve their security and strategic objectives.


Our experienced team work in a collaborative way to deliver excellent results to your organization so that you can achieve your objectives. We share a passion for the latest technologies and how they can be harnessed to deliver further growth and safeguard against any cyber attacks.

We have delivered customized solutions to our clients over the years including businesses of different sizes and government entities:

  • Over 20 years in consulting, business development, research and analysis
  • 10 years in ICT and Cybersecurity
  • Well refined expertise in the delivery of customized solutions
  • Wide industry network & clients across multiple sectors

Enhanced Talent Acquisition Framework

By partnering with ProActive HQ to hire your IT security experts and business professionals

We are confident we will help you achieve the following objectives:

  1. MINIMISE business downtime with our 3:1 ratios
  2. IMPROVE new employee retention rates-96% for new hires
  3. REDUCE overall costs to hire-more than 60% in total costs

Candidate Background

  • Credentials
  • Employment history
  • Certifications

Key Competency Assessments

  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Experience

Enhanced Talent Acquisition Framework

The conventional hiring process, characterized by sifting through countless CVs/resumes and conducting repetitive, mundane interviews, proved ineffective for all parties involved.

As a result, we have pioneered an enhanced approach that encompasses innovation and efficiency combining professional profiles, competency and behavioral assessments prior to the interview process.

By utilizing ProActive HQ, you can discover how our solution can diminish costs and minimize the risk associated with making a poor hiring decision.

Behavioural Profiling

  • Attitudes and beliefs
  • Temperament and judgement
  • Aptitude and behavioural capabilities

Assurance Resources

  • Pre-screen video introductions
  • Reference checks
  • 12-months replacement guarantee
cybersecurity recruitment solutions

Talent Solutions

Our Cybersecurity solutions covers all the domains in cybersecurity including:

  1. Governance, risk and compliance (GRC)
  2. Asset security 
  3. Architecture and engineering 
  4. Communications and network security 
  5. Identity and access management 
  6. Security assessment and testing 
  7. Security operations 
  8. Software development security 

Hire cybersecurity experts with a 96% success rate

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