Bad Hire Calculator

The true cost of a bad hiring decision.

Have you ever thought about the actual financial impact of hiring the wrong person for a job?

When a new employee quits or is fired within their first year, it can be extremely costly for a business – typically about 3.5 times their annual salary. This can have a negative effect on the company’s bottom line.

To mitigate these costs, it’s important for businesses to focus on hiring the right people for the job. By improving the recruitment processes and ensuring that the most suitable and qualified candidates are being hired, organisations can save money and resources. Our bad hire calculator is designed to help organisations estimate the potential savings from improving their recruitment process. Using advanced algorithms and the latest data, the calculator provides valuable insights into how organisations can make better hiring decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

It can be more costly than you imagine.
  • Wasted management time
  • Loss of business and reputation
  • Unrecoverable salary
  • Loss productivity
  • Agency fees
  • Indirect staff turnover

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