TALENT ALERT-Marketing Leader-Global

Exciting times early 2024

We have an exceptionally talented Senior Marketing Professional who could be suitable for multiple senior marketing roles including:

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Marketing Director
  • Vice President-Product Marketing

Working with IT security vendors across key regions including Europe, North America and Asia accelerating performance, productivity, and profitability for companies globally. With expertise in setting up marketing functions, and go-to-market strategies.

  • Results-driven senior marketer with 20+ years of experience
  • Expertise in setting up marketing functions
  • Go-to-market strategies and driving business growth.
  • Expertise in marketing automation and demand generation.

Interested to find out how she could support your business growth?

Let me know on the contact details below:

Email: paulyata@proactivehq.com

Tel: +44 7490 169691