A dedicated search service for cybersecurity executives no matter how difficult the search

For many cybersecurity organizations hiring requirements are always very specific to the role, to the business units and how it fits to the overall business objectives. This is as specially the case when it comes to the hiring of senior executives and high skilled technical professionals.


  1. Working with a cybersecurity talent search firm on a retained basis

A cybersecurity talent search is contracted to conduct an efficient and effective end to end hiring process. The talent search firm that works very closely with their client and taking the time to get the job done properly


  1. Candidates will be provided on an exclusive basis

A cybersecurity talent search firm working very closely with their client and will take their time and use an agreed methodology to find the best person for the job.


  1. A close working relationship between the business and the cybersecurity talent search firm

This is a key element to a successful process involving a better understanding of the business requirements, close communications, a good feedback look and close consultations if there is a need to make changes to the search criteria.


  1. Rigorous process

This will be necessary to deliver a shortlist of qualified candidates. This will include business analysis, specific search, prepared criteria, cross-checking and smooth on boarding process


  1. Cost effective investment given the importance of getting the right hire

Having calculated the true cost of a bad hire, it could leave the business with roughly 3.5X of the annual salary which could have a negative impact on the business. Therefore no need to cut corners but get it done effectively and efficiently.