Project intelligence

Project intelligence

ProActive HQ has established a channel partnership with a leading research and analysis provider to help businesses take advantage of business growth opportunities in the Middle East and Africa.


We help our clients achieve their business growth objectives as follows:
  • Identify new project opportunities
  • Track the latest market developments and key industry trends
  • Monitor project activity and key competitors
  • Assess potential supplier and partner opportunities
  • Identify the countries with the most potential for their business
  • Access key corporate compliance and “Know Your Customer” information


The research and analysis is delivered through a fully integrated online intelligence platform. This allows users to access specific market data, forecasts and analysis as well as engaging our analyst team for any further enquiries.

Industry coverage

Online Intelligence Platform

In an opaque market such as Africa, our research and analysis partner delivers trusted, credible access and transparency for global foreign investment by providing:

  1. PROJECTS (worth over $4 Trillion)
    • Project overviews with timelines, maps, and cash flow
    • Detailed description with project scope and the latest news
    • Key companies and contacts of involved in the project
    • Across 10 sectors (including energy, oil & gas, building construction, infrastructure, mining, water and healthcare)


  1. COMPANIES (over 16,000 validated company profiles)
    • Business overviews on key companies and their operations including all 54 governments and their ministries
    • Information on major shareholders, subsidiaries and related entities
    • Access to hard-to-find verified company contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses


  1. PEOPLE (over 31,000 verified contacts)
    • Validated and accurate key contact details of shareholders, board members and other key players
    • Find key decision-makers and gain access to their extended networks. See who’s linked to who through our networking tool
    • Expand your network by connecting to influencers


  1. COUNTRIES (54 African countries)
    • Access to unique data focused on all 54 African countries
    • Consolidated overviews of individual markets, broken down by region and country
    • Unique and customized forecasting to benchmark against the rest of the continent and identify the potential for growth
    • Our own Risk Analysis and scoring for each country


    • Strengthen your understanding on specific sectors in the African region with in-depth analysis
    • Forecast future requirements and market developments to plan your growth strategy
    • Gain fresh perspectives with our bespoke tools to customized data

Find out more on the African market and our unique research and analysis

Get access to trusted and valuable data to inform your business decisions and open opportunities for growth.

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