Incident response

Data Privacy Compliance Online Solution

The complete online platform for your business data privacy compliance needs

Our platform includes the following:
  1. Generate data privacy policies 
  2. Cybersecurity action plan
  3. Staff security training 
  4. Incident response

Incident Response Plans

  • Incident response plan for your business

To meet full data privacy compliance, your business needs a robust incident response plan. We will work with your company to develop an incident response plan suitable to your business, limiting potential data loss or downtime.

Incident Resolution

  • Website secured
  • Users contacted
  • Employees notified

If your company is suffering from a data breach or cyber attack, our security experts will be on hand to guide you through what you need to do next, from isolating devices to notifying your customers.

Data Compliance and Legal Advice

  • ICO Notification
  • Incident Documentation
  • Incident Response Review

In the event of a significant data breach, our in-house lawyers will advise you on who needs to be notified and what documentation needs to be supplied to relevant authorities to limit the likelihood of a potential non-compliance fine.

Continuous Protection

  • Prevent future security incidents

If your company has suffered from a data or security breach, we’ll review what led up to the incident and include any learnings into your ongoing security actions and incident response plan, limiting the chances of a breach happening again.


Now lets get you the fast incident response that you need the most.

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