Cybersecurity talent solutions


We are the trusted partner for cybersecurity organizations to help identify, qualify and place talented professionals to spearhead your growth objectives and provide the technical expertise to underpinned your growth journey.

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for organizations to secure their IT systems and keep their clients safe from cyber-attacks driving this sector to the highest levels of importance. The widespread adoption of technology has proven to be a double-edged sword-technology has been exploited by criminal groups and syndicates, terrorists and even state-sponsored hackers to hijack critical infrastructure supporting commerce, national economies, military installations and public safety.

We work with Cybersecurity organizations that provide the technology to enable Security Operations Centres (SOC) to respond faster and more efficiently to attacks as well as technology to combat Malware, Phishing, Password (PAM/IAM) attacks, DDoS (Denial of Service), Endpoint type attacks as well as advanced threat detection once attackers get inside the network including threat intelligence and cyber threat hunting using predictive and behavioural analytics.

Our main objective is to deliver to clients an individualized search process where positions are filled no matter how difficult the search is.

We dedicate our time, every effort and resources to ensure successful outcomes to all our clients.

Our cybersecurity talent solutions includes:

  1. C-Level Professionals
  2. Technical Professionals
  3. Sales Professionals
  4. Marketing Professionals
cybersecurity recruitment solutions

Once you partner with us, we go through a journey together. We take full ownership of each assignment and we go through a careful process of understanding your requirements, sourcing the right candidates for the required roles and delivering the best outcomes. Our objective is always to be build long-term partnerships that sustains your strategic growth objectives.

We offer our dedicated search services aimed at specific type of clients who are looking for the following:

    1. A dedicated search process where finding the best candidates is all that matters
    2. The need to fill critical positions
    3. A confidential search process for senior executives.
    4. Businesses looking for guaranteed results
    5. Fill positions where real-life experience and knowledge is critical


Why work with us

  1. Over 15 years in the successful delivery of customized solutions
  2. Over 20 years in research & analysis and business development
  3. 10 years in cybersecurity and information technology
  4. Wide industry network & clients including corporates, government entities & financial institutions


Our services are aimed to save you time in hiring the best talents, bring efficiency to the hiring process and add real value to your business. Contact the ProActive HQ team using the email and we will be more than happy to discuss your hiring plans. You can also submit your request using the “submit your brief” page and we will contact you to arrange a meeting or a call.

We are looking forward to serving you and building a long-term successful partnership.




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